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title: The Bukits : Cycling Episode
date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011
time:5:30 PM
On the all new episodes of 'The Bukits'......

After much discussions and arguments, the clan has finally decided on a cycling trip over at the famous East Coast Park.Though not all of them came, they still went on with the program. 3 out of the 5 main cast, Danielle,Jessica and Chloe, and of course the rest of the gang.

They cycled from East Coast all the way to Changi and then back after.It was a tiresome day for all but most importantly at least calories were shed!

Anyway as we were heading out to ECP we came across this store selling a very interesting tee...clearly they got their grammars and spelling all messed up.

"Time files so fost abusy daily life." 

Loveee this particular sign!Why?
Because it reminds me of Mr Ray Ban...kekekeke

Since it was an evening spent cycling,I decided to go casual with a UNIQLO long sleeve (SGD$9.90 only!!),a chiffon shawl bought from Masjid India KL and white pants together with sandals and of course my current favourite bag. ^.^

WARNING: The next few pictures you're about to view is of a hungry person whom hasn't eaten since morning.Time check it was close to 4 in the evening.Good luck!
It was frustrating trying to take a small portion of Cinnamon melts like seriously "a-tug-of-war".

Couple #1

Mat Emo #1.1

Mat Emo #1.2

Can you see that? It has begun to rain on the other side of the island. 
Sheesh..how the hell are we suppose to cycle now eh?

Presenting Couple #2

We cycled all the way to bedok jetty and when we reach at the end of it....
...there were statics around.See the hair all standing up?
Yea,well this only means one thing : LIGHTNING!

Alarmed by everyone's "standing hair" we cycled back quickly to the park only to be caught in the rain halfway through.
Thank goodness there was a shelter.
We then decided to play Monopoly while waiting for the rain to stop.

Nyehehe Hela's eyes

After the rain stopped,we decided to cut the game short and continue cycling all the way to Changi.
That's when we came across this new pathway.I remember back when in secondary school it was all forested area; and I just can't resist the temptation to capture some moments here...
(basically only 3 of us were bothered to stay to take pictures -__-)

Met up with the rest at this "hidden spot". 
Totally reminds me of the hidden beaches in Bali.
2 black couples.

By the time we head back to ECP it was already 
Scary shit! why?
Because it was beginning to get dark and ouhh we are surrounded by trees and forest and god-knows-what is inside there....
With an hour left to cycle back to ECP it was PAINSTAKING I swear!!
Panting,tired legs,tired arms,thirsty throat and most importantly our masai faces.

Told Jessica that the moment I reach ECP I'm sooo gonna get ice-cream!
As promised both of us got our cornetto.
Don't mind our sweaty faces,look my scarf has become undone and messy -__-

Had dinner at Waroeng Penyet. 
The quality of their chicken has dropped drastically so am not gonna promote them but if you however want to try please do; they used to offer great chicken.
After dinner we all went to our separate ways.

Afiqah :)

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