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title: Is there a problem with being single?
date: Monday, March 22, 2010
time:1:14 AM
Hey dodols,

Currently resting on the bed as i typed all this downDecided to clear my mind up with some things.Recently my parents have been hinting to me about me having a boyfriend but seriously I'm in no rush for it!I mean all this while they wanted me to focus on my study and not have such things like steady or boyfriend and that's what I'm doing;and now this?


My dad has been my part-time "matchmaker".Yeap you got that right.I know that he knows a lot of people from different backgrounds.There's not one place we go that we would not bump into one of his friends...and when this happen,usually his friend's kids are married and they will ask when is his turn.OMG!!!AKU MASIH MUDE LUH!! I'm not ready for all that.Marriage is not like any relationships.It's something very sacred and there are lot's of BIG RESPONSIBILITY.

Anyhoots there was once where we bumped into Uncle Said's son.Man he's all grown up now and definitelt buffed!As my back was facing him I don't know who my dad was talking to till he stand at the side of the table I was sitting at.Damn he definitely stared deep into my eyes but I felt nothing.Yea NOTHING.

After my dad chatted with him for a while,my dad praised him so much..blablablablabla...and ends his story with... "Iqah patut buat kawan ngan orang mcm tu.Dier banyak pegi masjid.Kalau Iqah ade boyfriend gitu pon ayah tak kisah;asal kan dier tak lupe nak sembahyang semuer tu luh.Buat bende yang baik-baik luh."

I answered with only a Hmmm..HAIYA DADDY!I'M STILL YOUNG LUH.I want to enjoy my youth you knowwwww.Don't worry.If I'm fated to be with someone I'll meet him sooner or later.I know you want the best for me just as much as I want the best for myself.


Ouh there's another thing I'd like to tell you all.Last thursday I coincidentally met a certain someone I know.I thought it wasn't him...turns out it was really him!

To cut the story short,10-15minutes later dad asked me to buy for him mineral water.I was like "OUH SHIT!What if it's him?!Ahh nvm uh."

So i head to the fridge to get the drink.Hesitated a minute thinking what I should do next.(Like duh i should come up and talk to him right?) but I didn't :(

Instead i queued behind him thinking that's the best way till the man at the counter asked me to come upfront.There i was standing right beside him.(my heart was thumping fast!)I saw him looking at me from head to toe,analysing me to be exact.I felt restless and uncomfortable.Dislike being looked at like that but I still kept my cool.

I was hoping that he would say Hi to me but I was dissappointed by my own thoughts.He didn't.He simply kept staring and staring and staring even as i walked back to my seat nearby.Soon he left the coffee shop.Was wondering how did he came here...and then I got my answer.He drove a car but not just any car.A black BMW.Hebat!

Well I bet you all think I should have talked to him right?I guess I am part to blame but as a guy he should be a gentleman and do so instead of waiting for me,a girl,to do that.Call me conservative but I think that is more appropriate.

Lain yang ku cari,lain yang ku dapat...


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title: Elegance.Classy.Princess.NaturalBeauty.MyEnvy.
date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
time:11:53 PM
Hey dodols,


Few months back i bought i myself a Bahrain style Abaya.It's gorgeous and I Loveeee it!I've always love how the Arab ladies are able to pull of a very modest piece of clothing ELEGANTLY.Amazing isn't it?It totally change my perception of wearing hijab.Though i am a hijab wearer,there were times where i feel that i should take it off.Astaghfirullah.Thank Allah that i still have it on my head.I've been trying out many kinds of looks to make me feel more and more confident in it.

Here we have a model modelling a hijab and a long dress.Beautiful isn't she?

This is exactly what I'm talking about.This is the kind of beauty I would like to own.hehe.Continuing....next we have Abayas from Bahrain.Gosh this designers are sooooo talented!

These are couple of shots found online.Don't she just look gorgeous?Personally if I'm a guy I would definitely wanna get her number...if you know what i mean...like an angel..woot.

To end this chapter off,I'd just wanna say that whoever told you that wearing hijab won't allow you to look sexy,well this shots practically shows that being sexy doesn't need one to wear revealing clothes.You can still look good covered up.

Reavealing = desperate + self-conscious + no-respect-for-self

Then again,you should be reminded that whatever I typed in this blog is just my thought, my perception and my view of things...and this is how I choose to voice it out.

Now let's move on to the next topic which is being a "Princess".Well actually it's just that when i look at these clothes it makes me feel like a princess!OUH SHUCKS!I lost the link to that.NVMMmmm..shall post that one laterrrrr....

(p.s. i can only find this 1 picture :S )

Moving on, we head on to....NaturalBeauty and My Envy.
The pictures I'm about to post is of a girl whom is just well..i just can't say it.See for yourself and comment it.

Soooo what do you think? This is the Spring2010 look from StudioPerfect. I'd say it's not in the make-up but more on the person who has the make-up on that make it pretty.heh.Btw her name is Sofia Dendroff.

Now don't you just envy her natural beauty...??? because i do...

(pic was taken few wks after IonOrchard opens.\ =chubby)

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title: I will never let you go,Ever.
date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
time:11:54 PM
Hey dodols,

Yea you got that right.I will never let you go;LuluBelle that is.When i lost her i thought i would lose you too (both of you share the same DOB.teehee) but when she returns home i was ecstatic!

Anyway dad found her when he was bout to go to work.He SPECIALLY woke me up at about 5:30am to tell me that she's back.Hold on now,there's a story behind that.

Well he woke me up and tried to tell me that Lulu is back THRICE before i finally understood what he was talking about...:

1st try:
             Dad: Iqah!Iqah bangun!
             Me: Huh?Ape? (half awake/asleep)
             Dad: Ayah da jumpe Lulu.
             Me: Uh?Iqah da letak lah makanan dorang.Da letak tu. (continue dozing off..)

2nd try:
             Dad: Bukannn...Lulu,ayah da jumpe Lulu.
             Me: Huh?Ape lagi?Kan Iqah da cakap Iqah da letak makanan dorang.eeeeeeee (half-asleep-half-irritated)
3rd try:
            Dad: Bukannn..Ni Lulu ni ayah da jumpe!(lifting her up to show me)
            Me: Huh?!!Ayah da jumpe?!!
            (woke up and walk to my dad quickly)
            Me: Mane ayah jumpe dier? Eh Lulu!!
            Dad: *sigh* da letak dier dalam bilik.Leash dier dulu jadi dier tak masok bawah katil.Ni kaki dier tempang-tempang tu.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG!! He ought to just slap me or shout at me luh.I wonder where he get so much patience from..hmmm...

Whatever it is I'm thankful that she is back with me.Hopefully she'll bring better luck to me this time :P oh and i really wish I'm as patient as my dad and not easily angered like my mum.ughh

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title: Missing again
date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
time:11:42 PM
Hey dodols,

Lulu went missing after days of being FOUND.SIGH.Just my luck.No I cried no more,my tears have dried away with all the worried-sleepless night. Last night when i went into mum's room,she did hand-signs to me that Dad cried.

OHMYGOODNESS.It crushed my woman heart whenever i see a man cry.I just can't see it.It just simply shows how hurt he is,emotionally. Compared to me not showing any worried expression;still every night i stand at the corridor looking down at the carpark looking out for her.

Anyway earlier today told my mum to print out some posters with a picture of LuluBelle stating that she is missing.Paste around all the blocks nearby;and now it's time for the waiting game.

That long awaited call i and my family longed for.Please oh please someone must have found her.My gut tells me so.

Afiqah :'(

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title: Lost And Found
date: Thursday, March 4, 2010
time:4:06 PM
hey dodols,

Two days ago,my lover went missing.My uncle was sending some boxes of goods to my house(don't ask me why.certain reasons are unknown..) and that must have been the time where she sneaked out of the house without me noticing.

At first i was all relaxed about it,being very optimistic.Didn't even cried or even felt worried;but when night falls,that feeling suddenly came to me.I started crying on my own.Went down in the middle of the night looking for her alone.(Yes in the middle of the night,when everyone was fast asleep.)

I got worried.Friends kept telling me to calm down,comforting me,telling me that I will find her.I cried myself to sleep that night.BAD IDEA!The next morning my eyes was all swollen :S

Suddenly my HP rang,it was my mum.I thought I'd just continue to sleep but she won't stop calling and that irritates me.Grr.Picked up,she told me to come down and bring some cat food.She said Lulu has been FOUND!

I quickly changed,took some cat food and went down with no contacts,no spectacles.In another words,I was blind.I had to squint my eyes to see where they are.(Yes my eyesight is that bad ): )

I saw my dad waving at him and quickly ran over.There she was hiding under that big lorry.I offered her some food but she didn't bother.Instead she came up to me (OUH THAT MADE ME SOOO HAPPY!!)

According to dad,she hissed at him when he tried to approach her.It seems that she did not recognise any of my family members except me.Ouh wells,that's simply because i LOVED her soo much and i was the one CLOSEST to her.

Anyhoots,let's celebrate this good news with some Redondo Luxury Wafer Biscuits. :))

Afiqah :)

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