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title: Style Designer : Rabia Z
date: Monday, August 30, 2010
time:1:46 PM

Few days back Rabia Z recently posted two links with regards of her being featured in gulfnews.The vid is absolutely helpful though I must say it's just a quick tutorial.Have a look-see will ya? ;)


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title: Bag it! (Brand: NINE WEST)
date: Sunday, August 29, 2010
time:3:20 AM


Yesterday after breaking fast had a mini-quick-shopping with mum,sis and aunt.We all had the same goal.To get grandaunt's birthday present and her inner-trousers(only women understand this).

So we all headed down to Robinson Raffles City only to be disappointed by their range of ladies handbag there.After checking with the sales representative on the closing time for the other outlet over at Centrepoint we quickly hopped in the car and headed there.Gosh should have just went there instead!brrr

Walked around quickly.Scanning every nook and corner of the ladies bag section and Walla!A particular bag from Guy Laroche caught our attention!From there we pick from one back to another.Comparing,styling discussing tills it was time for the store to close.GASP.Made a final decision of the perfect bag.

The birthday girl loved it!She said it was perfect for this Eid and for formal occasions.Girls we've done it again!Another happy "customer".  :)

Next we headed down to Mustafa centre,got the trousers and beras basmati(cough2* her sister ask for it cough2*) and fuhh drama lah seh!Apparently from what I heard that AETOS policeman said over the radio(I was walking pass him lah,so I overheard!) "Her boyfriend punch him 5 times."
Drama or what!In the middle of the road with onlookers consisting of foreign workers.

Anyway while waiting for aunt to arrive,earlier at Raffles City we were walking around when we entered NINE WEST boutique.They were having sale!Though I must say it's actually still expensive lah but heck there's quality in their product so why not right?

This was one of the bags I saw which was on sale.Still pondering whether to get this or the other one which cost 259bucks.Whatcha think?
I kinda forgot how much this one cost but I think it's about 100++
Couldn't find the other bag both I and mum like though over the net.sigh.

Anyway these are some other bags I like while browsing over the net.Yums!

Love this in both colours!

Jasmine Rose Clutch : Great for Eid!

Neves Clutch : This one comes in 3 colours but I prefer this two.
(p.s. I have a thing for this kinda rosette bags.It's just so cute don't you think??)

Night everyone!


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title: To shop or to just window shop?
date: Friday, August 27, 2010
time:1:43 AM

Recently I've gotten the bursary money and I haven't been using it for myself.Money was spend on paying bills and sorts.What a bummer of good money right? So currently I'm contemplating whether if I should spend some of it for myself. I mean it's my money after all right?

I've fallen in love with jumper/romper/jumpsuit ever since buying one from Studiofrost. It was amazingly comfortable! There was one problem though. Whenever I need to go to the ladies,I have to well you know... on order to do my business. None the less I love the style,comfort and modest element in it.

A +++++ for it is that it makes me look tall!
IMPORTANT: for petite people!
Kim Kardashian is standing at 5"2 but here she looks taller, don't you think?

Here are a couple of jumpsuit I'm looking into buying. Since I have a plain black one, why not add a splash of colours with floral prints right?!

 Or maybe minimal print..?

 A CHANEL star jumpsuit perhaps?

Or bold prints..?

Ultimately block colours are the best! 

Because it's the safest!If you ain't daring or confident and wants to go with something casual than this is definitely the one for you :)

I don't know why but some of the jumpsuit design adopt the harem pants design...

Yes, it makes you look: confident,fierce and a person which shouts I-mean-business-so-don't-joke-with-me.

I've yet to try this though.It's just so not me.heh but that doesn't mean you can't give it a try now,does it? Well DPDP....

One thing for sure is you can never go wrong with jumpsuit as it fits formal/informal occasion.Even on movie/awards red carpets!

Minimal accessories does the trick!The jumpsuit itself is already "loud" so you don't want to over do it.

All you need to do is to pair this jumpsuit with a pair of wedges...

...or clogs....

Don't forget a casual hobo bag..!

Love the last two PRADA bags!!

Now to decide whether to shop or not...hmm...


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title: Queen of Hearts
date: Wednesday, August 18, 2010
time:12:33 AM
Hola everyone!

I truly truly wanted to post about my recent trip to JB however the post ain't working with me.After many times of editting it is as stubborn as a bull!Thus I gave up. :/

Anyway I would like to share with you my favourite queen of all time.Other than my favourite chocolate from indonesia....

...there is this one special person whom is an idol to her nation,Jordan. She's none other than Queen Rania Al Abdullah.She's known as a global figure and most definitely one of the world's most powerful women of today!

Though I'm still taken aback by the fact that 6months after she met her husband,then Prince,they were married and till now their marriage has lasted followed by 4 beautiful children. C'est magnifique!

Other than being absolutely gorgeous,she is one humanitarian activist I looked up to.Her ambition in Education for children is beyond words.Of course education whichever level it is,is very important.Little by little it will help you get yourself somewhere unimaginable!

Other than my interest in her humanitarian activity,I adore her fashion sense.I think she tops the most fashionable royalty/first lady among all. :)

Let's all take a look at some of her styles be it formal or informal...

Last but not least I must say she is one COOL Queen!!

(so cute of her to take picture with her BB)


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title: Last Day of Semester1 Year3
date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010
time:12:16 AM

So about 3 days ago it was our "last day" of school.Well more like the last day of semester1 year3 that is.Back in year 1 and 2 a class photo is a must for every last lesson for each module.However this time round I must say we can't really be bothered.I'm gonna cut this post short because I've got like another 3-4posts to update!!

Not everyone came;some left halfway while others are those whom changes class.

For 2 semesters we are in the same class.Hope to see both of ya again next semester!! :)

My beautiful Agnes.

We are the petite girls in class but not the shortest! :PP

Cassandra and Christabell

The three of us(Farhan,me and Cass) was from the same IEP.

Image failed!

Not to forget my brother from another mother/father,Mary aka Marcus.

(Gosh I look fat in the pictures!!)


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