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title: BOOOO! :)
date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010
time:8:33 PM
Hola Amigos!!

Gotta admit I've been lagging behind on my blogger post because....I'VE CREATED A TUMBLR!! No matter what I still love both blogs equally just that for tumblr it's easier and faster to update but at the same time I can't like add on certain things like Blogger.Ouh wells..you know what they say,there's pros and cons to everything.

Anyway was just talking to my bus buddy aka Cassandra earlier about life,updating her ( no it wasn't gossiping i can assure you that!).So much drama has been going on and I bet that if there's a reality show and I'm in it,it'll be like about Afiqah and the people around her MUAHAHA.Ouhk sorry,feeling Lauren Conrad for awhile.Oops!

There's so much to blog about but I've yet the time to do so.Besides I don't know which should I blog first. INDECISIVE INDECISIVE INDECISIVE.Gosh someone help her will ya?

Anyway about a week ago me and a couple of my friends celebrated Roz's birthday.She totally didn't suspect anything!Muahaha you gullible little girl!Most of the pictures were from Nura's camera so...I steal some pictures from her album..hehehe.

Venue: Nabin's,near Haji Lane
Time: Everyone else is to meet by 4pm except for the unsuspecting birthday girl
Who's invited?
*Fyda's Bf,Azhar
*Sykin (sadly she couldn't turn up,injured leg)
*Fazli (had performance)
Excuse to Roz for meeting: A lil window shopping and later Fiaz Birthday(which we ended up not going..hehe)

Believe it or not but about only 70% of the people in the list showed up.Yeaaa I was kinda dissappointed but none-the-less I know that I can still make it happen!Nyeahehe...

So the day started off with me and my parents heading out to town looking for the perfect present for Fashionista Rozliana.My mum was of course wayy more excited then me.She was showing me bags,shoes,accessories and all I answered was 'Nahh' 'noo cannot she's small' 'idk her size!'...then I found it!I mean we found it the perfect dress I swear she'll love it! :))

Had a light lunch break with my parents over at Heeren's Mcd since it was beginning to rain;and I was hungry!
There were a lil flock of pigeons at Mcd premises.Awww so cute the way they walk!
Bobbing their head back and forth with fat round body and awfully red feet!

Soon after the rain stopped and we headed down to 313Somerset.Went to Prima, picked out a cake especially for our dear Rozliana...

Was suppose to pick out with Fyda and Azhar but someone was late!Told the girl that I'll come back for the cake since I'm waiting for this 2 dodols. Mean while me,mum and dad had a serving of YAMI Yogurt.

Soon after the couple appeared and another couple left.Told them my idea of getting Roz balloons;we were so indecisive in choosing which balloon to get for her and which one fits our budget.Finally we have come to an agreement!We have decided that it will be...

Cake: CHECKED! Balloons: CHECKED! Cookies:CHECKED!

Off we go to Bugis...

Meeting up with everyone was already mafan;late-comers.And when all of us met already one after one each of us need to use the loo.hahaha!Aren't we just the cutest?!


Walk to Nabin's only to find out that they won't be open until like 6pm(?) if I'm not wrong.So while the rest decided to walk around to see if other restaurants are available,the Birthday Girl: Roz, has been ringing,texting,ringing me non-stop!bahahaha.To her dismay neither did I answer nor did I reply. :P
Baby don't cry ouhk?It's meant to be a surprise honey,no hard feelings yo! :)

Believe it or not but after we left the rest,both me and Nura ran to the rescue of our dear princess Roz.Under the dwelling hot sun and with all the humid going on I felt sticky and stinky.Thank goodness NOT STINKY! 

Alas,there she stood in front of Gurdian's with a sad face.O'oh someone's unhappy...but at least me and Nura brighten her up before the surprise!

Walked around Bugis,trying our best to kill time.Princess kept complaining that she's hungry and I kept whispering to Nura not to let her eat!keke.I know she's unhappy that we were being secretive all the way.I bet she felt outcast!So you see while we were queuing up for KOI there were these people giving out free balloons!Duhh of course I wanted it so did the girls.Got one each for me and Nura but not Roz.No no no I totally ignored her.You should have seen her face.Ouh sungguh masam!
What better things to do then to camwhore while waiting for bloody-long-queue-Koi right?
Btw see the 3 "diamonds" on my dress?I sew them earlier that morning!hehe(so proud lah can!)

Ouh we found out that apparently they were encouraging people to go to some church event thus why they give out the balloon;oops!Sorry we're just plain-clueless-innocent-children. :/
"we slenge or what?!HAHAHA"
Princess Rozliana :)

(her first Koi and it taste bad!Boo to KOI)

Got our KOIs.Convince Roz to have early dinner,told her that we wanted to try out this place called Nabin's.Thank goodness she didn't ask me lots of question.God please I don't wanna lie no more!!

Brought to her Nabin's and when everyone surprised her....hehe SUCCESS!

Explaining to her what's up with our behavior on that day.Dei you better be touch ouhk?hahaha
Our part-time dishwashers...kidding!HAHAHAHA

All those food made me and fyda 3months pregnant.kekeke

Roz and her huge BF :)

Continued playing MONOPOLY DEAL afterwards over at national library before finally heading home.

That's all for now.Let's see what else I need to update...


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