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title: Beauty,Grace and Style.
date: Thursday, December 23, 2010
time:5:57 PM
While everyone is into 'The Audrey Hepburn' thing then I must say you missed out on an even bigger,better and definitely more graceful lady:

Grace Patricia Kelly 
better known as Grace Kelly or rather
Princess Grace of Monaco.

I admit that it seems like I'm talking in riddles but OMG she's just what her name is!! GRACEFUL!
To make the long story short,Grace Kelly is an American actress whom embarked on her career in becoming an actress at the tender age of 20.Grace Kelly married RAINER III,Prince of Monaco.

I am in love with her wedding gown.It's decent and modest;practically the epitome of elegance. I must say I wouldn't mind having my wedding gown made like this. teehee :)

I just love the texture of this picture.The lighting is perfect.Ahh she looks perfect!Oolala~~

Princess Grace got herself a fairytale ending;that's not something all of us can get is it now?But still we're just thankful with whatever God has in store for us :)

Flair striped dress.
Tell me where can we get this because the closest you can get is this:

..and OMG those patterned sequin 3/4 pants and flare sleeve white blouse.Now this is unique!If you can pull this one look off I'm telling you no one else can mess with your style honey ;)

The blouse itself is by Aquascutum and I just gotta say but this whole ensemble is perfect!
Or if you prefer something even more lady-like then you can consider this.

Since sequin pants will come off as a cheap look,perhaps you can find something which is not fully sequined. Rather perhaps one with patterns and minimum sequin/beads will just do.
Believe me,I've been google-ing for the pants above and sigh I'm in no luck.If you do find one,please drop me a comment will ya?tanx!

(picture taken from gettyimages.com)

Looking through her old photos,I'm beginning to think that we should bring back Grace Kelly fashion style.What do you think?
I mean it's simply different and it's not something we see around these days.


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