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title: Back from Taiwan! Raya with the gang.
date: Monday, October 11, 2010
time:8:17 PM

It's been a long time since I last blog.What can I say,busy schedules took my time away from blogging.What more is I just came back from Taiwan!!hehehe

I feel so Chinese coming back from there.Not that it is bad but I think I got used to eating with chopstick thus why.The trip was great.What I didn't like about it is super short shopping time and packing/unpacking every night.

Just like that 'Billionaire' song, every night was a different city for us.I was hoping that the weight of my luggage would be close to 20kg but it turns out that it was only about 14+kg.WTH!If I had known I would have tried to buy more stuff but oh wells it's over anyway.

A few days before I left for Taiwan, went out for Raya visiting with friends.Though it was only six of us it was kinda cute.Not too many not too little.I was taken aback when Asyraf actually drive us around.hehe.Thank you banyak-banyak!Save jugak duit tambang.... ;)

The other two guys, what can I say.One is emo-rocker the other is chatterbox-"player" (if you know what I mean).We girls are the best!Bibah is the young mother,Haslina is the future pre-school teacher and I...I'm not sure actually.There are many things I wanna do and would like to choose as a career so for now I think I would say I'm the traveler.Always traveling here and there. :)

Below are some pictures of us visiting each other's casa..:

Bibah : Eh asal budak ni tak nak ngan aku?(frustrated)
Has : Abeh kau pakse.Rilek uh.Tengok aku ni;natural instinct.

(when you're forceful with kids,they don't like it Asyraf)

They like each other but they won't admit it.Oh well all know this!

So between the two pictures below,which young aunt do you think Iman prefers?
Me or Haslina?


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