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title: Being modest my love II
date: Wednesday, August 4, 2010
time:10:51 PM

Notice this the part deux of the topic?Well basically it means that I've discovered other beautiful Muslimahs!!(YAY!) Recently I became a fan of Najjah and Hana Tajima-StyleCovered as I just discovered that they have a fanpage.Anyway let me tell you something more about Najjah.

Najjah is an online shop which belongs to a very beautiful celebrity,Farah Adeeba, and a friend of hers known as Azwin.What they sell are modest clothes for both non-muslimah and our dearest muslimah.Their designs are unique and though I must say their maxi (t-shirt material) dress looks a bit like the one sold in MAYSAA. Whatever it is I most definitely support them. Not only does it shows that you can be beautiful while being covered, but it also encourageous other muslimah to dress modestly.

I shall now present to you Ms Farah Adeeba, a television host on TV9.
Here she is seen with Wardina;both modeling for her online shop Najjah 


Another famous artist whom recently perform her Hajj presented to the community her new look and she's definitely loving it!Her name is Sheila Rusly.
It makes me feel happy to see that more and more artists/celebrities are changing for the better unlike others.


I just couldn't help it but to feature this two ladies here. One of them I've posted about before but oh goodness they're just so pretty!! Both ladies which I'll be featuring next are from the UK.Where did I discover them?Through the internet of course! To be exact one of them I discovered thrugh their youtbe makeup videos which was posted.

Meet Asma, a makeup addict!Wanna watch her makeup and hijab tutorials? Here is where you can check it out: MakeupAdikt

So do check her out in the link above ya!I promise she's great! :)


The other lady I was talking about is HANA TAJIMA-SIMPSON!!! OMG I love her a lot!Her style is to be loved.It's simple,elegant,chic,classy and most importantly MODEST.

Did I mention how much I love her style?!?!?!
I hope she doesn't mind me posting pictures of her.I sincerely like it!

By the way if you haven't notice already,I've been spilling all my dressing sty;es in my blog.Just that I've yet to post my pictures..hehe..shy lah! I'm tempted to spill the way i wear my hijab but I think I'm gonna keep it bottled up for now though I must say girl friends have been approaching me about it :P

What I can tell you is the hijab style I'm wearing is a mixture of 3 different tutorial vids which I've been learning from Youtube. So if you want to find out more about wearing hijab, don't hesitate! Simply type 'how to wear hijab' or even 'hijab tutorial' and wala! you will quickly be shown a page full of it!

P.S. Dear Ms Hana,if only you came across my blog(if that were to really happen) I just want to tell you that you have been a great inspiration not only to me but to other muslimahs out there.I've got to say you are one of my style gurus! :D


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