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title: So hot right now!♥♥
date: Thursday, July 15, 2010
time:2:37 PM
Hey dodols,

Last weekend I went out with my mum and sis. Headed down to town and decided to have some look-see.Well basically window shopping.Anyway as I was looking around,I saw this pair of shoes?/heels? that is just so chic!It's like a blast from the past!hehehe (so damn exaggerating...)

Anyway here it is...


I love everything in this collection except the one at the bottom right hand corner.

By Gucci...don't like the monogram embossed on the leather.

So yea..this is what I saw and of course Gucci and Chanel would be expensive.... *roll eyes*
The ones I saw at Far East Plaza cost about $49.90 - $70++. I know,expensive right for a pair of shoes/heels bought at Far East?

So if you do see this clogs do drop me a message on my twitter act or perhaps comment on this post ya?


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