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title: I'm serious about being a Muslimah
date: Monday, June 7, 2010
time:12:52 AM

Hey Dodols,

A little controversy here and there.Well let's just suck it up and don't bother yea. They thought I wasn't serious about being a Muslimah.Well listen up! I am still young and am still trying to figure who I am and myself. I know where I stand so I don't need you to tell me that.

Please yea before you wanna talk about me,do mirror yourself;unless you are any better than me then you may have your say. I understand that you're a Muslim too but you fail to notice that in Islam,we must be careful of what we say. Make sure that what we say,speak or even write does not hurt others in any way.Yea that's right.I'm giving you "lessons" now.

From what I learned from my Ustaz, for example:

a) If that person does not own say a luxurious car/home,do not talk to them about it.That would make them jealous,hurt them in some form.

b) If there are sensitive issues,do not even think of speaking about it.This might hurt them indirectly without you realising it.

Thus my dear readers and friends, this does not only apply to being a Muslim but in a wider aspect,it involves people's feelings.It's not something to laugh about;no it's far from that!Us humans,we are very fragile at heart.We get affected easily.Our feelings and emotions,sometimes cause us to think negatively about some things.

I'm not pin-pointing at anyone but yea if you terase means you must have done something wrong somewhere.Don't get me wrong.Always remember that this is my blog and I'm just letting out my thoughts.

Afiqah :)

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