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title: Your in my Mind
date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010
time:10:31 PM
What do you do when you miss someone?
But that someone is not someone well..you know well.
That someone is a someone whom you see around.
But now you don't see that someone around anymore due to circumstances.
But when you see that someone around,smiling,staring,things happen.
But why is neither someone nor me do anything more than just that?
Is that someone a shy someone?
Or is that someone giving a cold shoulder?
Or worst that someone is the type of someone whom is a sombong?
And if that's the case,why is that someone still in my mind?
Can't that someone tell what's on my mind?
Is it that impossible?
Striking a conversation with that someone is quite impossible though.
Then again my thoughts are what drove me away and towards that someone.

Eh Mr Someone,cut the games and beating around the bush already.Saya da penat tau tak?Tak faham jugak?Bahase ape awak nak?Tamil?Mandarin?Arab?French?German?

Sudah tu sudah luh.Cut it out and just be straight forward can?

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