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title: Back from BALI....
date: Sunday, April 4, 2010
time:12:20 AM
Hey dodols,

some how or rather I've forgotten to mention both on FB,blog and twitter that I was headed for Bali last week.hehe..I wonder if there are people whom missed me! :P  (this girl is shameless!)

Anyhoots yea I did went there.Soooo much to shop on sooo many activities to try!I was both healthy and sick for that trip..brrrrr...thank goodness I was sick on the last two days of the trip.If it was during the starting of the trip,I'd rather go back to Singapore luh senang cakap..(biar betol Fiqah... :S)

Currently still am sick.Recently found out that I am allergic to my favourite food/main dish of all : CHICKEN!!!!

Unbelievable right??!!! Damn I tell you I was furious!!To top it all of everytime I eat anything that contains chicken,I would go on an itch hiatus...and right now I'm still scratching it off.I know I shouldn't but could anyone resist an itch?

Shall probably blog about my trip to Bali soon or maybe the next post?I wonder if FB will give me problems with uploading the pictures..grrrr.For now just one peep of it ouhk! :))

(the hotel we stayed at; the name is Febri's)


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