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title: I will never let you go,Ever.
date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
time:11:54 PM
Hey dodols,

Yea you got that right.I will never let you go;LuluBelle that is.When i lost her i thought i would lose you too (both of you share the same DOB.teehee) but when she returns home i was ecstatic!

Anyway dad found her when he was bout to go to work.He SPECIALLY woke me up at about 5:30am to tell me that she's back.Hold on now,there's a story behind that.

Well he woke me up and tried to tell me that Lulu is back THRICE before i finally understood what he was talking about...:

1st try:
             Dad: Iqah!Iqah bangun!
             Me: Huh?Ape? (half awake/asleep)
             Dad: Ayah da jumpe Lulu.
             Me: Uh?Iqah da letak lah makanan dorang.Da letak tu. (continue dozing off..)

2nd try:
             Dad: Bukannn...Lulu,ayah da jumpe Lulu.
             Me: Huh?Ape lagi?Kan Iqah da cakap Iqah da letak makanan dorang.eeeeeeee (half-asleep-half-irritated)
3rd try:
            Dad: Bukannn..Ni Lulu ni ayah da jumpe!(lifting her up to show me)
            Me: Huh?!!Ayah da jumpe?!!
            (woke up and walk to my dad quickly)
            Me: Mane ayah jumpe dier? Eh Lulu!!
            Dad: *sigh* da letak dier dalam bilik.Leash dier dulu jadi dier tak masok bawah katil.Ni kaki dier tempang-tempang tu.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG!! He ought to just slap me or shout at me luh.I wonder where he get so much patience from..hmmm...

Whatever it is I'm thankful that she is back with me.Hopefully she'll bring better luck to me this time :P oh and i really wish I'm as patient as my dad and not easily angered like my mum.ughh

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