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title: Friends or Foes?
date: Thursday, December 10, 2009
time:10:00 AM

Haven't been blogging for a while now. Let's update what's been happening lately....

1) found him,talk to him,made the first move,now his turn :))
2) tantrum in class is a No-No.
3) back from JKT :D

Now let's talk about no.1:

It all started with me following Cass to the ATM in sch.Was sitting on the bench,observing 2 girls who were looking at one particular poster.Was curious so instead of observing them i was now looking at the poster.



I found him at last after soo many years!Happy i was;excited like mad luh!
Waited for Cass to finish making her transaction and then went to take a look at the poster.Yes it was him,the name confirms it all.*smilesmile*

Now here we are getting to know each other all over again.How cool is that??! I took the first step in chatting with him and now he made his move..(YAY...woohoo) As for that S dodol,sorry i can't be waiting for you all the time.However,if you come along i don't mind either.

Tanx Cass.If it wasn't for you i wouldn't have found him. :))

now it's no.2:

Yes it happened just now and yea i'm unhappy about it. Let me tell you what happened...

We changed back to our previous team.I was heading to the norm table i usually sit at and somebody was unhappy.huu huu..

What make's it worst was she wants things to go her way.Like HELL-O my team previously sat there and now you want us to move back? I talked to you nicely and you choose to respond that way?! Do you know how shock i am?? And now I wonder if you really are my friend of is it all just pretense???

If it is PRETENSE then I'm dissappointed cause i never thought of you that way.NEVER.If you choose to be that way then hear me out:

Ouh for as for no.3:
i will upload pics of my trip later ok.ciao.its break for me :))

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